Value Object Comm.V, Software Consultancy for Complex Environments

Value Object Comm.V is founded by Mathias Verraes. We work with a small network of independent consultants across Europe, getting you the right person or team for the job.

  Strategic consulting
Leading and coaching development teams
Developing enterprise software
Teaching public and private workshops

Specialties include Domain-Driven Design, analysis & modelling, CQRS/ES, testing, legacy refactoring, architecture, as well Kanban and Agile methodologies.
Our clients include start-ups, agencies, and large corporations like SAP, Engie, Delta Lloyd, Coolblue, Sixt Car Rentals, Katoen Natie, Proximus...

We organise the Domain-Driven Design Europe conference.

Mathias Verraes

Value Object Comm.V is based in Kortrijk, Belgium
VAT BE 0511.941.353